Styling & history starring by Tyra Eiren

The idea of this styling was to use for my character an outfit made by glass that caught the light and plastic that reflect it, metal and scraps of fabric as unique resources in a futuristic society where materials has scarce. Hope you like it!

It all starts with the moon, which dropped into the earth a drop of its silver glitter. That night the moonlight gleamed silvery as never before, that night was magical. The kings had a beautiful girl, the princess Diamantum, the daughter of the moon, who had white skin and long hair that looked bright silver threads. The people rejoiced at the birth of the new princess but something dark was coming that would destroy the happiness of the people of Diamante, an evil force that had been growing stronger over the moon years. In the seventh year of the birth of the princess the kings in Diamante baptize her with the power of the seven stones, as was established, powerful stones that the ancient priests of the city of Diamante jealously guarded in the depths of the earth, sheltering in them the power and the light of the kingdom, the light of the moon. But that night the evil that had increased in the boundaries of the kingdom attacked the citadel of Diamante attacking everything around and killing all its citizens. During this catastrophe the kings of Diamante perished in the hands of Virus, better known as the darkness and chaos, who wanted more than anything else the power and the light of the moon hidden in the seven stones. Given this unfortunate loss the priests took over the power and the light of the moon hidden within the stones and hid it inside the princess. So the moon took her body bathed in light and slept her in a capsule that it hid deep within it heart until the prophecy was fulfilled. Evil Virus destroyed the lives of all priests and there was in the whole kingdom of Diamante no one citizen who has survived neither any light that illuminate. Today is the year 3045, chaos reigns and darkness, and nothing remains of the ancient kingdom of light. But prophecy is to be fulfilled, prophecy that said: “…In the first year of the new sun will rise his son, who will meet the daughter of the moon and they will become one, and the ancient kingdom who had lost reborn from the ashes as the phoenix bird. And the daughter of the moon will awaken from her slumber to reign with light…”


Dadamalio Chest around (Spine)


Fore & Upper Bracelets from the Dadamalio design


Gloves w/discs  |  G259 Mainframe Body Suit – White


Bodysuit w/disc  |  G259 Mainframe Body Suit – White


Socks w/discs  |  G259 Mainframe Body Suit – White

*SoliDea FoliEs*

I mixed the White Rain Skirt & Luxury Skirt

*SoliDea FoliEs*

Luxury Head & body decor


ALTAIS – Collar


Solitude Hair – Full Bright Silver

*SoliDea FoliEs*

Color my Name Headpiece


Mainframe Boots – white / G249

Glam Affair

Amelie Skin




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